My current setup

This is a small update to my post from last October on my setup. I’ve recently started a new job and changed my working environment. Now it is a little like this:

  • Ubuntu 9.10 - I haven't developed with Ubuntu in over a year, but this has been pretty painless. I've generally found usable replacements for most of my Mac software, though I've struggled with a couple. I'm loathe to give up 1Password, but I need something cross-platform.  On the plus side, I dropped flirting with Evernote and Yojimbo for a much better notes system: VimWiki, which has been amazing.
  • Two 24" monitors in portrait orientation - It took a little messing around to get this working right in Ubuntu, but it's been faultless since then. It sure is nice working with two large monitors, though I have changed the orientation slightly since this photo -- Now I have one of them right in front of me, with the second sligthly off to the right (though still touching,) so I'm not turning my head as much.
  • Kensingtion Expert Trackball - I'm not sure about the trackball. It seems well made, and hasn't been bad, but it doesn't blow my socks off either. Generally I try not to use it all that much.
  • Kinesis Freestyle keyboard - This is by far the biggest change in my setup. Before I had this, I would get hunched over a little keyboard, and then leave the office with tension and tightness in my shoulders. Now I leave everyday feeling as fresh as when I got in, with much better sitting posture and no back stress. I recommend a real ergonomic keyboard to everyone who works with computers now. I can't imagine not having it. The best thing is, it is so different to a normal keyboard, that I have no problem switching between my laptop and my work computer.