Rails not a ghetto

I am a Java developer, a C# developer and a Rails developer. When the “Rails is a ghetto” blog post came about a few weeks ago, it got out of hand really quickly, with a few people who have never used Rails, sticking the boot in. I could have written a response, but I hardly have the profile to really make a dent. One guy who does have a high profile and is seriously talented is Obie Fernandez (formerly of ThoughtWorks) who has written an excellent take on a mythical “Ruby Backlash”:

They want to keep Ruby (and by extension Rubyists) in our proper place! What is that proper place I wonder -- perhaps it is out of the mainstream, out of the limelight, out of the enterprise, out of the places where we threaten the status quo!

All I can add is my voice: I will never build another standard database backed website in Java or php. I’ve done both, and Rails leaves them for dead. Plus, right now, programming in Ruby is pure joy. I’d be delighted if another language and framework came along to displace this, but I’m sold on this combo for the time being.

I can understand that many people have invested a lot of time in their Java careers, but some of the opinions out there are the stuff of witch hunts.