RORO November Meetup

Last night I presented at the Ruby on Rails Oceania Sydney meetup for November on the topic of Netbeans as a Ruby / Rails IDE. There was a good turnout, with my guesstimate that we had between 30 and 40 people show up.

This talk was mostly based on my experiences with Netbeans over the last six months, since it has been rapidly evolving. Between my own experiences and inspiration from Tor Norbye’s excellent weblog I had enough material for over 30min.

Unfortunately, as before, no slides to show, as I tend to talk to topic headings, meaning the slides I have are generally one or two words each, and are useless without the talk, and unfortunately Lachie wasn’t around to screencast it. Maybe finally next time I’ll be screencast!

While I expected I’d get quite a bit of resistance for suggesting something other than TextMate, but there was some genuine interest and good discussion. Thanks everyone!