O'Reilly Radar, Buildr, Mingle & "The Corporate World"

Brilliant to see that Ruby continues to be a hot topic in the publishing world.  Since first becoming exposed to Ruby and Ruby on Rails, to the point where I started using it, to now, has been an interesting eighteen months, and the speed with which I can develop and iterate has me sold.

To see publishers, IDE developers, programmers and communities rallying around Ruby means that we’re now well passed the point where Ruby has to be justified to other techies – the big challenge is justifying it to the business/corporate world.

Projects such as Buildr and Mingle are the first steps towards corporate acceptance.  Ruby will first start at the fringes, and then work its way into some real projects.  Obviously its not going to be mission-critical at this stage, but I welcome some small acceptance – Ruby in the enterprise could make the corporate world fun again!  Tally-ho!