Javascript Libraries

Gave a talk at the Ruby on Rails Oceania Sydney meeting last Wednesday about the various Javascript Libraries that are available for using with Rails. I covered Prototype/Scriptaculous, jQuery and YUI. I was very hesitant about making recommendations, but did try and highlight some of the reasons one may have a look around at what else is out there aside from the Prototype/Scriptaculous standard.

The talk was well received and there was some good discussion. I learnt a few things that I didn’t know before as well, and I’ve also learnt more afterwards too (such as YUI often breaks compatability with their upgrades, and their versioning is rubbish).

I’m not going to upload the slides here because I really only had “placeholder” slides that I spoke to, rather than informational slides. This post is more a note that the talk happened, lest I forget about it in the future!